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Happy Awesome and Emerging New Year!

Creative Writing - Talk Story January 2, 2017

Aloha and Much Love to Everyone, to those who are reading this and those who are not. Happy Awesome and Emerging New Year!

I hardly know where to begin; this has been such an intense year, right up to the very end . . . up to this moment; so many equisite highs and (dare I say?) exquisite lows . . . a number of friends leaving their bodies, and a number of others facing some real “in the face” health challenges . . . you know, the kind where you feel locked in a body that may not be able to engage in existence anymore . . . where it is time to face your fears, confront what is calling to be faced, to forgive, let go of anger, and open up to Love, particularly for your own Being . . . in other words, LOVE YOURSELF, as never before.

2017 is coming in like a tsunami, ushering in a Brave New World, with powerful forces erupting out of the field of life reality, a reality that becomes less and less familiar to us . . . what used to be “Up” is now “down”, and the downs are now up, left is right and right is left. Everything appears to be the opposite of what it was.

Reality as we know it looks more and more like Salavador Dali’s painting of Time.

Yet, the son/sun shines on, and shines and shines, like a silent, but oddly loving Light, that continues to support the life as we know it, along with the stories we create. Yes, the Bright, stays Bright, neutral, nonjudgmental, and yet continuing to illumine the many paths that we all tread. I love the Light; I keep my vision on the Light all ways, except the times when I forget, getting embroiled in the bizarre stories that cloud one’s vision, wiggling around like worms that have been unearthed. As Leonard Cohen (who recently passed) says, “there is a crack in everything; that’s how the Light gets in.”

We will experience a lot of cracks in 2017, but always remember, the crack is where the Light gets in. 2017, for me, is the year of the Great Light. As the foundations of the civilization we have known for so long begin to crumble, and even ignite, there is something, the “Light”, that shines brilliantly behind all of it.

Life remains a mystery to me, and so I pray, forgive, love, and continue to turn towards the Light, weaving my own story of light, interweaving with other brave and powerful souls who are waking up in the midst of it all, sharing their gifts, and finding new and wondrous ways to share the love that they/we are.

And, so, I wish you all the most extraordinary year; a year of Awakening, of Loving, of Allowing and reaching states of Being heretofore unexplored. This can be scary, exhilarating, despairing at times, but the LIGHT IS, Always . . . the Light is . . . unrelenting, forever . . .embracing . . .Loving . . . cajoling, and sharing a Wisdom, that, somehow, makes sense of it all.

We all have access to the “Inner Mother Mary” the Inner Light, that implores us to listen, speaking and whispering words of wisdom, letting us know that there will be an answer . . . Let it Be.
Thank you, Paul McCartney

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Sacred Quest

Creative Writing - Talk Story December 9, 2016

Sacred Quest
The sheer magnitude of this Journey often Escapes us. Treasured moments easily go Un-noticed as our Attention veers Elsewhere. It’s a Great Enigma that many of us, for one reason or another, forsake the Essence of this precious Journey. In this tragic tendency we walk through life Impoverished, dishonoring our Spirit and the incredible Existence we are Given. The elegant Truth is this earthly Journey is truly Sublime, and Life will break us Open and coerce us in scrupulous ways for the sole Purpose of our Awakening. The Divine Spark that Breath us to Life will stir within and move us to Un-Veil the larger Purpose and Significance of our Existence.

As Children, we reach the shore of Life connected to Source. The expansiveness of our Existence flows through our tiny Being of Heart and we experience Everything deeply as our sense of I and Another isn’t quite formed. The Inner-connectedness to All of Life is palpable, we are wide open loving curious and at awe – The World is our Playground. Along this Voyage, we undergo a journey of Dis-connection from Source and our True Essence. A sense of Alienation begins to pervade our Existence and to a great extent, we grow far from our Heart and begin to neglect the Spiritual dimension of our Being.

Mankind has been walking here, largely unconscious, for a time; imprisoned by the trivial whilst negating our Glorious Existence. Our Story here is far larger and more Magnificent than we tend to believe. The Truth we embody will present itself as a relentless Inner Impulse which demands possibly the greatest decision each will make: undertaking our most Sacred Journey – the Journey WithIn.

The collective human community has been in a Disoriented state as past conditioning propelled us to seek external pursuits and much distractions. We have been, to a great degree, shaping the world we live in whilst Abandoning our greatest Centre of Power. Our luminous Radiance and Creative capacity have been neglected as a result of our Spiritual Estrangement. We forgot our Role and Potency in the Cosmic Dance and Universal Arena. Alas, our earthly existence will present us with situations and conditions which will demand our Honest appraisal and will ultimately provide an Impetus for our Expansion.

Many of us reach a point where we can no longer be absent to Life and ignore the Inner Impulse to Re-Unit with our Soul. As we find ourselves in this threshold, we begin to question the concepts guidelines and meta-narrative we have been exposed to and embraced to a great extent, and we begin our Inner explorations. Here the landscape is expansive, and Our Inner Compass keeps us forging ahead while Our Moral Courage inspires us. We question much of what we lived by, and though some may resist what emerges out of fear and desire to keep the status quo and live as expected, most will be drawn to keep excavating what begs to be Re-membered and Honored.

This Inner Journey can be overwhelming, many feel lonely and at times destabilized. Nevertheless, the Interior Quest provides us our most Potent and Fundamental Transformation. We Recognize and Accept that a large part of this Earthly Existence is to Awaken us to our Magnificence. In our search, we glean deeper insights into Unconscious Tendencies and eventually reach a space of Clarity that permeates our Being. Our Hearts widen and a profound sense of Compassion imbues our Life. As we Awaken from our long slumber Humility begins to pervade our Existence and we see with great Transparency the Collective Compass and Purpose. A nourishing Coherence suffuses our Life and our Creative Force begins to Flow.

As we deepen our Sacred Quest we recognize we carry a Seed of Life that is part of Source and All of Creation. We Re-member we have come here as an Expression of the Divine and we are a part of a Grander Story that Considers and Embraces All of Life. We realize there is an encompassing Pattern of Meaning to our Existence and that our Emancipation and Creative Force is in Surrendering and Aligning with the Divine Plan. As we travel WithIn, we Re-member our Essence and begin to Live in Alignment with our Soul Guidance and Heart Wisdom. We realize we are the Shape-Shifters of our Existence and we than Create from that Powerful space and allow the Divine Spark to flow through us as we embrace the Co-creative Dance with The Universe. No longer shaping our Life from a sense of alienation, a fear, social and / or cultural pressure, sense of lack or competition. We Re-Claim Sovereignty over our precious Existence and Honor the Glorious Spirit that Breathed us to Life.

May you Honor the Brilliant Powerful Spirit that is You.

~ Dafna Ohana ~

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