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HeartBeatOfKauai.com offers a comprehensive Internet advertising program to help you meet your goals.

Option A: Become a Sponsor! Three Key Benefits of Sponsorship

  1. Banner Ad: Display of your (125 x 125 pixels) banner ad in our right-hand sidebar site-wide rotation. (Six ad positions rotate a maximum of thirty banner ads.) Included in sponsorship.
  2. Featured Listings: One classified ad will be featured and scroll across the top-center of the home page. These are ads that you would place yourself on the HeartBeat site.
  3. Site Visibility: Your ad and Banner will remain on the site for three months; in addition, you will receive six  FREE “FastBlasts” (a one page email going out to my list of over 1,600 people) Cost for Sponsorship: Only $237

Only 30 advertising spots are available, so contact Richard Diamond to reserve your spot.

OPTION B:  FastBlasts

Solo Email “FastBlast”: Your one-page ad will be mailed (as a “Blast”)  to the 1,600+ HeartBeat of Kauai email subscribers. This is a one-page ad that is “stand-alone”, notifying the community about particular events, workshops, concerts, etc.; cost for these blasts are $50 each.

Do a series of three blasts for $125 and save $25 on the third blast!

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