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About Roger Denisewicz


My focus for the past 36 years is providing healthy alternatives to the traditional health system and to provide important holisticlly oriented health care information, cutting-edge healing products and whole food supplements to balance the entire body-mind system.

In 1974 I received an honorary "Nutritional Consultant" degree from American College in Marin County,CA.
I worked at the Wholistic Health & Nutrition Institute in Mill Valley CA. for ten years as the staff: Iridoiogist, Herbalist and Nutritionist.

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$75.00 hour

Health Evaluation with Roger Denisewicz N.C.

Health Evaluations with Roger Denisewicz N.C. Wholistic Kinesiologist, Herbalist & Nutritionist  (43 years) Month of November Roger, is a certified Kinesiologist, Herbalist & Nutritional Consultant and […]

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