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Wordless Communication by Jane A. Cormack

  • Listed: April 14, 2011 9:09 pm
Wordless Communication by Jane A. Cormack - Image 1Wordless Communication by Jane A. Cormack - Image 2


Do you struggle with finding words to express your depth of feeling, wisdom, knowing or your vision? What does it mean to really ‘hear’ someone? To really ‘listen’ to them?

A ‘new’ paradigm is arising in which the way that people communicate is consciously expanding beyond the limitation of words and spoken language.

Many people who come to Kauai talk about being divinely guided here, or answering a call to come to the island. The depth of insight or awakening that can happen for those people drawn by an inner calling to Kauai can be challenging to communicate in words.

When you have had a profound experience, something so magical, deep, mysterious and personal, something beyond this world, how do you go about sharing that with others?

The Persian Sufi Poet Hafiz (1320-1389), (a Sufi being a mystic in search of God), could capture the profundity of existence through his simple, divine poetry. And although the poems have been translated into English from ancient Persian, amongst several other languages, they still express the essence of something ethereal in a concrete, understandable way.

The Limitation of Words

Conversing with a friend recently, I expressed my own challenge at finding the right words to communicate my depth of feeling. We discussed the limitation of words and how we are now moving into a time where more people are able to communicate through energy, feeling and telepathy. During our conversation, I was aware that I was listening to my own feelings more so than the words my friend was saying. I could understand him on a much deeper level through
feeling his energy and the authenticity behind his spoken words.

We exchange information on so many more levels when we talk face to face. Through feeling on an energetic level and by facial expressions, body movement, color of the skin, and vocal tone on a physical level.

Words as Structure

Words create a structure around the energetic/ telepathic way of communicating what you want to say. The key is to choose minimal words that hold and express the feeling you want to convey. We can use sound, voice, eyes, energy/feeling, and body movement.

Written words can be easier to express as there is time to reflect, edit, delete and re-phrase, whereas spoken words are spontaneous, instant and include inflection, tone and sound. We can hear in the tone of someone’s voice whether they are nervous, exited or melancholy.

Hearing & Listening

When someone ‘hears’ you, they resonate with you. They hear you through your energy vibration with their knowing and feeling. Alternatively, they don’t ‘hear’ or understand anything you say because they are only listening with their mind to your words and not with their heart to your true meaning. They are not in resonance with you. But does this mean that they are not really listening? Or is it that they simply cannot connect to or comprehend the information you are trying to relay to them?

This is why it is so important to be aware of our thoughts and in particular what we think of another person. During third party talk (when two or more people talk about someone else in their absence in a non-uplifting way), the person being discussed will either consciously or unconsciously energetically feel it and be affected by it. The solution is either to talk clearly and directly to the person with whom there is an issue, or talk positively, no matter how difficult, about them in their absence. Start to be aware how your feelings change towards them.

The Future of Language

A few days ago I watched the French movie ‘The Green Beautiful’ online (I also read it as it was subtitled). In this movie there are two worlds, The Earth, and a more evolved dimension where people live outside on the land and eat fresh food that is exchanged for goods and services rather than money. They also communicate telepathically whilst having their feet in water to act as a conductor and enjoy concerts of silence in groups where they can ‘hear’ beyond what is usually audible to the human ear.

The future holds a potential for a universal language of the world expressed in this movie. Many people say that this language will be English, but because of the speed at which human consciousness is currently evolving, my bet is that this universal language will be through our ability to really feel each other and listen in multiple ways.


Jane communicates and expresses creatively through the media of writing poems, songs, articles, fiction and blog. She also paints, sings and facilitates creative expression workshops for women that combine music, movement, color and word. Workshops incorporate using Heart Intelligence, sitting in heart circles as well as breath, relaxation, healing and a lot of fun.

Jane has a lot of online information which she hopes to gather together in one place very soon:

Personal website: http://www.janecormack.com/
Rhythm In Color Workshops: http://www.rhythmincolour.com
Blog: http://www.janealexandra.wordpress.com/
Online Store: http://www.janealexandracormack.etsy.com/

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6 Responses to “Wordless Communication by Jane A. Cormack”

  1. Thank you! It’s a beautiful article, and so true. I feel inspired by your words.


  2. Magnificent articulation Jane I honor your clarity. Oma

  3. Very Inspiring! Mahalo 🙂 Please let me know if you have a workshop coming up on Kauai…. I

    • Aloha Tehila,

      Thanks for your comment…I’d would so love to hold a retreat in Kauai again so I’m putting the intention out there! If you check my website or sign up to the mailing list to follow the rhythm, that would be the easiest way to stay informed as to where and when workshops are happening…it’s http://www.rhythmincolour.com

      Jane 🙂


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