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The Mystical Love of the Holy Spirit by Angeline Welk

  • Listed: August 25, 2011 11:24 am
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The Mystical Love of the Holy Spirit 

We were called into being to Love.

Love is the singular motivation of all life to evolve, to transform, and to reveal the hidden divine splendor concealed within all creation.

Love is the creative fire of the Universe, of your own being, and of God.

Different symbols are used in the Book of Light to teach us of the mystery and sacredness of this holy mystical love. There are painful consequences when this creative fire is misued.

When this sacred fire is conserved, it can ascend and activate the consciousness of each of the spiritual centers whereby we become enlightened.

The creative fire is the love of the holy Spirit. It is the fire through which we create beauty, transform our temple, and renew our spirits.

The holy Spirit of God is the divine Intelligence in motion purifying, counseling, and comforting us as we move forward in the evolutionary plan for the Earth. Its nature and power is dual, both feminine and masculine, will and imagination, intellect and intuition.

Through balancing our feminine and masculine natures by the activity of the holy Spirit, Light is born.

When we understand the essence of love and faith, and manifest them in our lives, then we can be initiates of the holy Spirit, receiving its power.

An initiate of the holy Spirit is empowered with twelve divine attributes.

Love (charity) moves us to perform our actions out of love for God, and for the well- being of all Creation.

Joy keeps us deeply aware of God’infinite goodness.

Peace results from joy and calms our spirits.

Patience helps us to be at peace in all situations.

Goodness calls us to be helpful as needed.

Kindness is a form of goodness revealed in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Endurance is a willingness to be patient for a desire to manifest, or for an experience to resolve.

Gentleness provides the power to direct undesireable expressions constructively.

Faith assures us that God is helping us fulfill our agreement for this Earth life experience.

Moderation reminds us to focus on balance.

Aspiration prompts us to pursue what is of a higher and more refined expression of our creative fire. Pureness helps us to regard our bodies and those of others as temples of the holy Spirit.

In its Love for us, the holy Spirit infuses into our soul gifts that help us shine with the Light of our Spiritual Self.

The gift of understanding gives us a deeper insight into the divine teachings. It discloses to the soul the hidden meanings and reveals the mysterious significance of many of the symbols and figures.

The gift of knowledge is direct awareness of mysteries, of how we are designed, how creation is governed by a divine intelligence.

The gift of wisdom empowers us to make choices that are life-promoting and soul-enriching.

The gift of counsel enlightens us providing solutions to challenging and unexpected situations.

The gift of reverence is given to us that we acknowledge our sacred relationship to God.

The gift of fortitude is given to us to help us overcome and transcend difficulties. It is also a power and a strength to meet whatever shows up in our lives.

The gift of awe of God awakens in us a feeling of warm gratitude in experiecing the grandeur of God’s majesty and love for us.

In our divine design, each one is graced with a distinctive gift. These are revealed to us as we commit ourselves to balance our lives and use our gifts to increase the Light of ourselves and of the Earth.

We have been called into being to Love.

Angeline Welk


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One Response to “The Mystical Love of the Holy Spirit by Angeline Welk”

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful insights with us Angeline. Love is always the answer.

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