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The Cosmic Clock: Opening of the Seven Seals (Chakras)

  • Listed: April 5, 2011 5:08 pm
The Cosmic Clock:  Opening of the Seven Seals (Chakras) - Image 1


It is March, 2011, my clock, resting on a light-wood shelf is ticking  away in seconds, minutes, and hours.  At 9:26, mornings and evenings, the ticking is interrupted with a distinctive, audible, and alerting sound. I consult my intuitive guidance for help in interpreting the numbers being highlighted.

From the science of Numerology, we learn that the number nine represents a completion, an ending, and a fulfillment. The number 26 adds up to an eight, meaning a new beginning, infinity, and the name of God, Yod Hei Vav Hei.

The message of the number 9:26 is letting us know that the Piscean Era with its focus on idealism and devotion is nearing completion.  It also lets us know that the new beginning relates to developing a spiritual consciousness, one in which divine love, the higher mind, spiritual will, and intuitive wisdom are realized.

Later in March the cosmic clock activated the number 8:55. Again the number eight is emphasized, while the number 55 points to pioneering  leadership, intuition, and using mental powers wisely.  These attributes identify us with an Aquarian spirit. The cosmic clock continues with numbers that imply change and transformation.  They are communicating that the Revelation is in motion undoing what we thought was our security and happiness. Our sevenfold body is being challenged with the opening and/or activation of the seven seals (chakras).

The Book of Revelation

Referring to the Book of Revelation, Edgar Cayce says that as each spiritual center within the body is activated, different parts of the body are purified and upheavals of the body occur mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In the 90’s I was encouraged to interpret the Book of Revelation. This book is a mystical code of the soul’s journey to enlightenment. The first three chapters are messages to the seven spiritual centers represented as churches.  In coded language each center is told what it needs to correct and the gift it will receive when it listens to the Spirit and follows its guidance. It is well for us to pay attention to these messages as they apply to us as they did to ancient cultures.

The message to the first spiritual center is: ”you have left your first love.” We are being told that we are immersing ourselves in the material world to the exclusion of developing our spiritual nature and love for God. The message continues promising a gift if we choose to overcome our misplaced tendencies. When we return to our first love, then we will activate our divine qualities represented by the Tree of Life thereby becoming immortalized. We will once again enjoy the life with God as we did in our original experience of paradise.

The second spiritual center relates to powers of alchemy, regeneration, and to the creative love-fire. The message for this center is to remove all fears and adherence to false philosophies from this center.    When we change our attitudes that prompt fear, and choose teachings that support a solid spiritual foundation, we are given the crown of life.  This means that the higher mind is activated and we participate in truths that help us soar in freedom. The message to the third spiritual center is potent in its expression. We are told that we have abused this center by using its power for holding anger, resentment, and carrying out destructive urges. This center weakens when its power is invested in satisfying carnal desires.

We are challenged to use the power of this spiritual center to heal ourselves and the earth, to be peacemakers, and to discern how to constructively be stewards of power. The Spirit says to those who act on its counsel, “I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and I will give [them] a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no [one] knows except the [one] who receives it.

The hidden manna symbolizes truths and knowledge hidden from us. It will be given to those who demonstrate and are a witness of how to honor power. The white stone with our new name is the eternal name given to us by God. It identifies and represents our unique spirit and consciousness. It is set in white stone indicating a Light consciousness and a name that is permanent.

In the message to the heart center, the Spirit powerfully reminds us that it searches our minds and hearts, and gives to each one according to our choices. It also lets us know that when the spirit of our heart consciousness is love that is Godlike, we are given The Morning Star. This bright Star of the sunrise awakens our memory of beauty, love, and harmony, attributes of the heart center.

The throat center rotates with Light when we use words that are empowering, uplifting, and inspiring. This center records the nature of our speech. We strengthen this center when we draw the spiritual currents from the realm of divine will to us. Defining our lives in resonance with higher will raise the vibration of all the spiritual centers. Once this happens we will be “clothed in white robes” as promised by the Spirit.

When the Voice speaks to the sixth center, it says, “…anoint your eyes with salve, that you may see.” The Spirit is telling us that our vision needs clearing; to see with the Spiritual Eye. Our inner vision is cloudy from relying on the practical mind and the technological world for our well-being. It advises us to “…buy of me gold refined in the fire, that you may become rich; and white raiment,…” The gold relates to the scrolls of wisdom; the white raiment to spiritual pureness. The Holy Spirit reminds us to reconsider the ways that distract us from being receptive to our inner wisdom and from living the inspirations we receive. This Presence assures us that in changing our ways, it will open our awareness to a brighter and peaceful life.

In addressing the crown center, the Spirit counsels us regarding the key to enlightenment. It lets us know that when our hearts are alive with spiritual love, then we can open the crown door to its activity and guidance, leading us through this challenging time into the new era of Aquarian Light. With the spiritual key we can close the door to any thought-forms that would weaken our minds and spirit. The Presence also reminds us to ‘hold fast’ what we have attained as we are subject to many diverting opinions and strategies.

When we have spiritualized the crown center, the Spirit acknowledges us as being a pillar of strength, helping to maintain and sustain the temple of the Earth. With this attainment we have completed the need for reincarnating. The Voice continues its message telling us that it will write upon each one new names, reflecting our spiritual awareness. The message is completed with: “[The one] who has ears, let [it] hear what the Spirit says to the churches [the spiritual centers].

About me:  I am a pioneer in translating the traditional spiritual teachings, the divine Word, in the light of the Aquarian Era.  My intention for these writings is that they are joyous, clear, pure, practical, and understandable. I am also a pioneer in bringing attention to the meanings coded within the English alphabet. My writings include showing the correlation of the English alphabet to the original fire letters.

My efforts now are to enlighten the nation on the power of handwriting, and the wisdom to include handwriting as part of genuine education. To learn of my writings and consultations, you can contact me through any of the following:

(808) 826-0234    Alefangel@gmail.com www.ourlivingalphabet.com

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