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Tantric Arts of Love

  • Listed: August 5, 2010 5:31 pm
We at Tantric Arts of Love feel passionately about providing what we consider REAL sexual education to as many people as possible.
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We at Tantric Arts of Love feel passionately about providing what we consider REAL sexual education to as many people as possible.We at Tantric Arts of Love feel passionately about providing what we consider REAL sexual education to as many people as possible. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that points to the significant and life-enhancing health benefits of conscious sexual practices (we have outlined some of them in detail below). Not to mention the emotional and psychological benefits of learning how to authentically and safely communicate to our selves and partners about our sexuality.

Add to that the powerful support that these practices lend to one’s spiritual path, and you have a recipe for a truly extraordinary life experience!

Yeshe Dundrup has 25 years of active Tantric Sexual practice, as well as 5 years studying the Tibetan 5 Element sexual practices, under the guidance of Lama Tashi Dundrup.

Devi Ward has studied with Yeshe for over 2 years, and has additional Tantric training with Carla Tara of Ohana Tantra School. Devi also practices the Tibetan 5 element methods, under Lama Tashi’s guidance.

Yeshe and Devi are both Certified Tantric Healers and have been given Lineage permission to offer the Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Teachings publicly.

Dispelling Myths & Misconceptions

This next section is dedicated to providing factual information and dispelling myths and misconceptions regarding the practice of Tantric sexuality. Of course the subject is vast, beyond what can be shared here, but we want to give you some very pertinent information in order for you to have a basic understanding.


*What does “tantra” really mean?  Tantra is a Sanskrit term from ancient India, the literal definition is “to weave”, meaning specifically: the “weaving of light and sound with form”.

The “light” is visualizations of certain colors and shapes in the charkas, or energy centers, of the “form”, which is the body. The “sounds” are specific mantric syllables corresponding to the lights.  All of this together causes a vibratory energy field resulting in bliss and pleasure far beyond ordinary experience, and can result in higher spiritual experiences.  When this is coupled with our sexual methods and done in sexual union, (or even solo tantric practice), it actually becomes almost indescribable.

*Tantric sexuality is not religion, although it is an excellent support for meditative and religious practices.  Tantra is closer to kung fu or yoga, as a matter of fact, without the “lights and sounds”, we refer to it as sexual yoga.

*If one is not using the “lights and sounds with form”, technically one is not practicing Tantra, but outer or “sutra” sexuality.

*If sex is natural why do we need to learn it?  Reproductive sex is natural, in fact it is instinctual.  Animals can have sex and reproduce, as can humans, yet there is little joy and awareness in it.  Many emotional and psychological issues and traumas arise as a result of such sex.  But higher sexuality must be learned, just like swimming for example.  Some untrained humans can swim simplistically if thrown in water, others may drown.  But it is a vastly different experience for a trained swimmer who knows several different strokes and has been taught water mechanics and safety.  Such a person can swim confidently in open ocean situations and engage in many other water sports such as surfing, etc.  The untrained swimmer is relegated to dog-paddling in the shallow end of the pool.  Individuals trained in Tantric methods are like well-trained swimmers who enjoy play, health, fitness, and longevity from their activities.  What kind of “sexual swimmer” do you want to be?

Tantric Sexuality

*Tantric sexuality is not difficult to learn.  It does require learning the methods and practicing them, yet with even a moderate degree of application one can achieve quite significant results.  It does take time to become proficient, if the methods are correct and the instructions are clear, it should not take years to experience good results.  Extra-ordinary results of course, take more time and diligence in practice.  The methods taught at Tantric Arts of Love are very practical, correct (transmitted through ancient to present Lineage), and do produce results swiftly.

*Tantric sexuality does include working with energies, or sexual chi, but it also must include physical methods that support the chi and even make it possible to accomplish the chi practices.  Without the physical methods even if one could generate the energies, they would be quickly lost or even create imbalances.

*Making tantric love does not mean that we only engage in eye-gazing and touchy-feely, slow, gentle love-making all the time.  One may choose to do that, but so much would be missed.  With effective instructions we can make very passionate, wild love, building tremendous energy, as well as slow and gentle, all of it.  In this way we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of our partner and ourselves, and bring each other great pleasure and joy.

*A well-trained Tantric male is capable of multiple orgasms without ejaculating.  He can have from 5 to 30 orgasms in a session. Powerful, rolling, whole-body orgasms that can go on for several minutes, sometimes one orgasm merging into the next one!  This is possible because the mechanism of ejaculation and orgasm are in fact two separate functions. With the application of simple methods coupled with such understanding the male tantrika can achieve these results.  As he becomes more advanced he can actually share his orgasm with his partner, and she will be having his orgasm with him!!! (She can also share hers with him).

*Sometimes people are concerned that learning and practicing Tantra means that we are expected to have sex with many people, including our instructors. Being a Tantric sexual practitioner does not mean that one must now become a hedonistic sex maniac!  Most are in committed, loving relationships, or after learning Tantra, find a partner to play with.  Some do enjoy poly-amorous lifestyles, but they would do so anyway, whether practicing Tantra or not. Others prefer solo-tantra for a while.  How we most authentically live our sexuality is our free choice.


If a man cannot retain his semen, a woman will never know the glories of passion!
Gedun Chopel, author of “Tibetan Arts of Love”

* It takes men over the age of 35, eight days to recover the vital essence and chi lost in one single ejaculation. It takes men under the age of 35, four days to recover, and that’s if they are in good health.

*20% of male semen is composed of cerebrospinal fluid. Frequent ejaculation thus causes a chronic drain of the vital fluids that the brain and spine require to function properly. The resulting deficiency of cerebrospinal fluid can cause increasingly common conditions such as premature senility, inability to concentrate, chronic depression, loss of sexual drive, and a host of other related symptoms.” 
Daniel P. Reid – The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity

*With the regular practice of practical, easy and effective Tantric techniques, it is possible for men to orgasm without ejaculating, thereby allowing them to become multi-orgasmic and vitally enriched from their sexuality, rather than depleted.

* According to masters and Johnson, the medical definition of premature ejaculation is: When a man ejaculates before his partner orgasms, more than 50% of the time.

* Alfred Kinsey found that 75% of men ejaculate within the first 2 minutes of penetration in over half of their sexual encounters.

*If you don’t believe the above, we challenge you to time the actual period of penetration to ejaculation over several love-making sessions and see for yourself what your average is.

* According to Mayo clinic, continued lack of ejaculatory control may cause one or both partners to feel sexually dissatisfied and may lead to sexual tension and discord in the relationship.

 * Interpersonal dynamics strongly contribute to sexual function, and premature ejaculation can be caused by lack of communication between partners, hurt feelings, unresolved conflicts, and lack of emotional intimacy.

*William Reich theorizes; premature ejaculation may be the consequence of a stasis of sexual energy in the pelvic musculature, which prevents diffusion of such energy to other parts of the body.

“Ocean Breath” and breath control for both partners can assist in spreading the energy.

*Simple toning exercises can significantly improve ejaculatory control for men, by strengthening the p.c. muscles.


Women and orgasms:

* It’s possible for women to have at least 8 different types of orgasms, yet over 65% of women do not have even one, and only 15% report having orgasms regularly.  Many of the women who do have orgasms can only do so with mechanical assistance (vibrators, etc).
(Robert W. Birch PHD, Redbook survey)

8 types of female orgasms:

*  clitoral
*  vaginal
* clitoral and vaginal
* g-spot
* g-spot and clitoral
* g-spot, clitoral, vaginal
* cervical
* anal
* full-body
* breast stimulated
* multiple

*The key to orgasms for women, especially multiple orgasms, is the ability to relax the body and focus the mind. The women who have the most orgasms have the ability to remain very focused.
Carla Tara

*Women store emotional stress and trauma in their G-spot, thereby inhibiting their ability to fully experience orgasmic pleasure, even causing numbness, irritation, and pain. As a result of this, many women and their partners are confused about where the G-spot is, if it exists, and how it works.
(Deborah Sundahl, Sexual Healing Practitioner)

*When a woman’s Yoni (vagina) is healed of trauma, it is naturally orgasmic.

*With simple, easy and effective Tantric techniques, many women can transform trauma, blocks and inhibitions, restoring their natural capacity for multiple ejaculatory orgasms, thereby healing, enriching, and replenishing their vital essences.


Tantric orgasms on a regular basis affect our physical, emotional and mental health by:

* Boosting infection fighting cells by 20%;
(Dr. Dudley Chapman, gynecologist)

*Stimulating and increasing secretions of the pineal and pituitary glands, thereby positively affecting brain and body chemistry;

*Revitalizing the endocrine glands for more HGH, seratonin, DHEA, and testosterone production. DHEA is believed to improve brain function, balance the immune system, help maintain and repair tissue, promote healthy skin, and improve cardiovascular health;
(Erotic University)

* Frequent and powerful orgasms increase the hormone levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is linked to personality, passion, social skills, emotional quotient, all of which affect career, marriage, emotional health, and social skills;

*Tantric orgasms on a regular basis have the ability to alleviate depression, prolong life-span, strengthen immune system, and improve quality of life;

*Tantric sexual practices are healing, strengthening, simple, easy and highly effective.

Tantric sexual practices have the ability to correct many sexually related issues such as:

*Enabling non-orgasmic women to become multi-orgasmic;
*Enabling women to become sexually expressive and personally empowered;
*Enabling men to retain long, strong, and powerful erections;
*Enabling men to become multi-orgasmic and retain vital essences lost through involuntary ejaculation.

Tantric sexual practices also have the ability to benefit relationships by:

*Cultivating a deeper sense of intimacy and connection;
*Building and increasing trust by regularly practicing communication skills;
*Using orgasmic pleasure and meditative focus to transform dysfunctional patterns.

This is just a brief overview, if you have specific questions please feel free to write or call and we will try to answer them for you.


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  1. Your statement that 20% of male semen is CSF is abhorrently incorrect. It’s rather amazing to me that you would claim expertise in this field and have such a false belief, and it totally undermines your credibility in the minds of anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of anatomy. Semen is composed of fluids from the testes, seminal vesicle, prostate gland, and bulbourethral gland. CSF comes NOWHERE near any of the male reproductive structures, and is, in fact, completely encapsulated within the dorsal cavity. How can you promote conscious sexuality without understanding it’s basic anatomy??!! I wonder what other false ideas you are spreading.

  2. Russ.Pincombe@gmail.com on November 17, 2016 @ 8:34 pm

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