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Siddha Upadesha Satsang (Meetings for Oral Instructions of the Masters) Liberation Knowledge/Awareness

  • Personal or Company Name: Maha Siddha Sangham - Sarva Dharma Marga Sangha
  • Street: Kuhio
  • City: Kilauea
  • State / Province: HI
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 96746
  • Area Code & Phone: 575-613-8137
  • Listed: February 12, 2018 5:27 am
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Now you have the opportunity of Satsang in order to associate with the Liberating Knowledge/Awareness of the Truth beyond limits of language, philosophy, concepts, and speculation.

The oral instructions/teachings of the Realized Masters, are illuminated with their enlightened intention. These instructions are a pointing to the direct discovery of Absolute Truth, which is not definition or revealing of the Truth in language.

This is the direct means for your own discovery and Realization of the Truth or Unspeakable Silent/Secret Knowledge. If you were holding a gem but knew nothing of it’s value, someone familiar with the object could reveal its nature and value. The words spoken themselves do not define the value of the gem, they simply point to its recognition.

In the same way that I can use my finger to point out the moon to you, but my finger is not the moon… In this way the Upadesha/Instructions of the Realized Beings can liberate you from all bondage and reveal the Truth of your own Nature to you.

Siddha means perfected Master, or a Master who has attained Perfection at many dimensions of Life beyond conceivable to reason. In this way the Siddha Sages are not necessarily of any particular “religion” or philosophy. They manifest across many appearances of country or tradition boundaries… As it becomea understood, these boundaries appear only to and are fixated upon by divisive minds.

What religion IS the Param-Atman(Supreme Self)?

Darshan is a lineage holder and carrier of the Upadesha – Sanskrit for oral instructions/teachings of the Maha Siddha Sages. He has been a serious practitioner of sadhana(spiritual practices and disciplines) for most of his life. Meeting with, recieving initiation, and instructions from incredible Masters, that many do not know such beings are living.

For example:

Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, who from the age of 15, sat for 6 years in nearly unbroken meditation in deep Nepali jungle, without food, water, sleep, or needing to get up to relieve himself.

Siddha Ayyaa, who sat near the top of Arunachala mountain for 18 years in yogic posture with only a glass of milk per day, and also without sleep.

And others…

After years of immersion in sadhana, Darshan has a deep and profound direct experiential realization. He also has a unique ability to reveal the essence of these subtle teachings in simple pointings.

This resource is available for the TRUE SEEKER. Please do not waste Darshan’s time. Celestial fire keep all fakers away! (Yagya Yagya Hum Hum Phat Phat Svaha!)

If you feel like you would burn everything and leave it behind if you had to… everything you think you have ever known… everything you think you know about your self… AND, the world… in Trade for Realization of the Immortal Indestructible Essence of you… To Discover the True Nature of Self no one can give you or take away…

Then let’s chat!

Infinite Possibilities.

Simple one time meeting.

One on one in depth initiation with on going instruction and guidance.

Organize for Group Satsangs –

Concentration Exercises Practices- Pratyahara/Sensory

Withdrawal Samadhi/Absorption –

Traditional Sadhana Initiations Instruction and Guidance

Kundalini Shaktipat

Mantra Diksha and Instructions

The way of the Toltec Warrior

Infinite Oceans of Blessings and Aloha!

Email Darshan:

Or text: 575 613 – 8137


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