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Seduction of Speed by Rebeka Gentian

  • Listed: March 30, 2011 5:48 pm
Seduction of Speed by Rebeka Gentian - Image 1


Are you noticing the quickening?

Does it feel like time is speeding by you? Are you a little caught up in the current? Have you found yourself missing deadlines and opportunities because everything is happening so fast? Have you been watching the months roll by and not making the progress that you wanted?

Gentle, my friend, it’s not just you. We have all been seduced by the speed. Tricked into the old world paradigm of losing time, running out of time, end of time. How about a reunion with natural time?

“Time is just a construct of nature that prevents everything from happening all at once.”
Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, Quantum Physicist featured in The Secret & Down the Rabbit Hole.

The old world of fear and lack is nearly behind us – or beneath us. And we are right on time.

We are living in a mathematically equated universe. Notice the Fibonacci sequence anywhere? Our life is numbers and we are right on schedule. The schedule of consciousness evolution is embedded in the Mayan pyramids and their calendar.

*This depiction was created by the late Ian Lungold. His work can be found at Mayanmajix.com. The current depiction on his site has been recently changed to reflect the shifted reading of Dr. Carl Calleman, who now believes the first day of the Universal cycle to be March 9th 2011. My work reflects the original findings of Ian and Carl. I feel additional confidence in the February10th date due to the resignation of Mubarak and liberation of Egypt on February 11th 2011.

The pyramid is the calendar

The nine levels of the pyramid depict the nine evolutions of consciousness. There are 13 heavens or major shifts of consciousness within each level of evolution. These are also referred to as the 7 days and 6 nights of a cycle. We are currently living the highest, most condensed level. The level of Universal Consciousness. We are in the third of thirteen heavens within this level or the second Day (3/23/11-4/11/11) . Welcome back to Illumination. Things are flowing and you are finding the ground under your feet again. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you are still reeling from all of the events of a very intense first Night (3/3/11-3/22/11).

Come back to center

What is actually speeding up is creation, not time. More is possible than ever before. More is being created. More and more opportunities are coming. Life will seem as if it moving by very fast if you become seduced by the speed. You can choose not to lose your sovereignty to seduction. Utilize this period of quickening to create Yourself in your perfect truth. Find yourself and each day fuller and WE will all become greater. The world will be diminished if it lacks your magnificence. You can get swept up in it all or you can be swept up in it all. We love you.


Rebeka is a devoted student of the tzolk’in and personal transformation. Rebeka began her own transformation in 2003 in a process that restored her vision and her health. On her own Hero’s Journey, Rebeka continues to share her experience with the community by providing consultations and information as a holistic healthcare and spiritual practitioner. Rebeka is currently providing in person consultations on the garden island of Kauai and performing distance healing and consultations by phone for her community at large. For more information or to schedule a consultation contact her by email at FullyFreelyDeeply@yahoo.com or see more of her living food parenting explorations at www.BathwaterCheesecake.wordpress.com.

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