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River of Life – A Dream

  • Listed: April 8, 2011 4:13 pm
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Here is my dream from last Monday about the river of life. (It was similar to the Salmon Rushdie story ‘Haroun & the sea of stories’, a must read!!):

I was in a built environment (inside a series of building connected), and the river of life ran through it. At some point I saw that there was a rainbow feeding directly into it – that the magic of the rainbow was the source of the stream of all life. I was so excited that I ran over to it, and accidentally tripped on the rainbow. I realised that there was something mechanical/electrical behind the illusion of the rainbow, at this point it was still in an arc shape and the magic co-existed with the mechanics. The sky was a real sky and very blue.

However, once I shared my surprise that the rainbow had wires, people lost faith in the power of magic. The rainbow disappeared and the wires fell to the ground in a heap no longer working. Because the rainbow was the source of the stream of life, the stream started to run dry. The water started to get murky and garbage started to collect. It felt like a roof replaced the natural sky. I was horrified and asked the great spirit what could be done?!? It said to hold space for the water to get clear and ask for help in having it restore to health and balance. Bless the water, and my faith in magic will be all spirit needs to know to step in. I followed the instructions and felt a shift occur.

The trees started dropping their flowers into the river – giving them as an offering for purification. Crystals appeared in the river bed. The strangest part was that the flowers died as the water drank the life force out of the flowers in an incredible sacrificial role reversal. The flowers gave their life force back to the water for the greater good. And the more flowers gifted to the water, the clearer it became. At first it shocked me to see the flowers instantly wither in the water and spirit told me it was okay. That this, and putting crystals into the water, was the only way to purify it enough so that it can sustain life again.

As I wrote this dream out to share with a friend in Japan on the topic of blessing the water, a magical rainbow re-appeared outside of my window. When I saw it earlier this morning, it was really bright and a full arch. Light rain fell on me as I stood out there with gratitude in my heart.
When my mom was ill in the hospital, a little girl came to visit her and had made her a card. It was in the shape of a heart, and a rainbow was drawn inside. It read: “Wishing you rainbows”.
I wish all of you the magic of rainbows.

Addy 🙂

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2 Responses to “River of Life – A Dream”

  1. What a wonderful posting — and I simply adore Haroun and the Sea of Stories – -simple and yet, layer upon layer of depth. Carry on spreading the rainbows.

  2. Jennifer Arnold on April 23, 2015 @ 8:29 pm

    Flowers on the water

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