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Network Wellness Center

  • Listed: October 14, 2010 4:31 pm
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Are you ready to feel better? Would you like to feel even better?

We offer strategies for greater resourcefulness, development and better living. What we offer can assist you in attaining health and wellbeing. Services offered at the Network Wellness Center:

Gentle Chiropractic Care, Dr. Charlotte Liddell

Charlotte uses specific low force touches to the spine to help your nervous system in developing new strategies to:

– experience the world
– adapt to stress
– make healthier choices
– release tension from the spine and nerves
– connect with your body’s natural rhythms
– experience greater wellbeing
– create a more self-correcting and self reliant ‘magical spine’
– develop the healing waves


Dr. Charlotte uses whatever modality she feels could help your health concern, such as Flow, HeartMath Biofeedback or NET, neuro-emotional technique, a dynamic intervention that can assess and alleviate any internal stressors so your body can heal.

Nutrition Therapy; Erin Gaines, NTP, CHFS


Erin grew up on Kauai and has returned with her husband and daughter. She anticipates continuing her nutritional therapy practice here on island and in the meantime is teaching nutrition and eco-mama workshops.

Erin graduated college with a degree in Natural Medicine and obtained a Certified Nutritional Therapist certification in Portland, Oregon. She absolutely loves food and all things involved with it! She enjoys working with all types of people to help them achieve their optimal wellness.

Chi Nei Tsang and Chi Kung; Steve Low

He has been a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner since 2000 and has also studied and practiced Internal Alchemy, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Golden Fish Shiatsu, and Reflexology.

Transforming stress into vitality, one belly at a time….

Emotional Freedom Technique; Linda Farr

Our present behavior results from the story we tell ourselves each moment. This story is often critical and unkind. When we change our story…we change our lives. Linda is eager to share her techniques, experiences, and insights. In group or private session, she provides a supportive environment in which you:

– quiet your negative self-talk
– stop destructive habits such as: smoking, overeating
– overcome fears of heights, water, flying
– live a larger vision of the life you truly desire


Vitality News

We like to experiment with new things to see what’s worth keeping and possibly sharing. Some of our current interests include:

– making our own skin and home care products to reduce our exposure to the toxins that are in commercially available products
– adaptogenic tonic herbs – adding into our diets these special herbs as a 5th food group
– raising chickens for tasty, healthy, high-quality eggs


We publish a free monthly newsletter with articles on health, wellbeing and the goings on here at the Center. You can subscribe at www.moalepe.com.

See our website at  for upcoming classes and workshops.

Network Wellness Center ~ 6790 Olohena Rd., Kapaa ~ (808)822-7001



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  1. Hi I am hosting wellness retreats to Hawaii would love to meet you I am coming in today 27 may .namneste Patricia 303.870.0664

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