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More Stories from Small Town In Movement

  • Listed: August 25, 2011 10:58 am
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The New Pew

We got the pew at the estate sale of Mrs. Huddy, or, what I like to refer to as “the garage sale by which we now compare all other garage sales”.  At this sale, Leanne (from Pagoda) seemed so relieved that I would take the huge thing away, while I tried to not act overjoyed.  Two adults can lay down on it and not touch!  There are little shelves for books and pencils in the back!  Imagine the history in such a bench! 

(Also at this sale, but not pertinent to the story, were dozens of garden gnomes performing various activities, pewter dish sets, a coffee mug with a portrait of all the American presidents up to Clinton, wall calendars from the 60’s, and Alice, my new knitting friend.  I like to say I got Alice at a garage sale, too.) 

I gathered four men to collect the pew.  Instead of actually tying it into the back of Paul’s truck, Ryan sat on the inside end of it, the other end jutting into the street at the half way point.  We figured Ryan’s weight could keep it in the bed of the truck for the short distance to my house, which would have been the case if the right turn hadn’t been rushed and there wasn’t a dip in the gravel driveway, poor Ryan bouncing around like a holy roller on Sunday. 

The Pew Gets Repaired

It sat at my house for 6 months while I “repaired” it.  In the future, remind me that a.) gorilla glue gets mostly on the outside and on your hand, b.) leaving the furniture clamp on the furniture for two weeks doesn’t mean it sticks better, c.) maybe read a manual before trying to repair an ageless piece of furniture, or, and better yet, d.) do not let me try to repair an ageless piece of furniture. 

When the new Small Town Coffee location arose, it was obvious the church pew was going to live there.  Some of us already think of a coffee shop as a kind of church, what better way to commemorate the thought than to make sore our butts with an old uncomfortable wooden pew?  And when Karen and Melodie brought the pew to the new shop, it was home.  We immediately sat five old men and a few others down and gave up a hallelujah. 

Ryan completed his bonding with the bench that nearly sent him to the beyond by sanding it smooth.  (I would have given that task to the myriad butts to meet it, but hey, everyone tells me what to do.)  Even though we’re still finishing the coffee shop, there is someone sitting on the pew everyday.  We eat lunch on it.  We open beers with it (a religious experience indeed).  We look at the ocean from it.  We sit with eight other humans on it.  And the more someone sits there and enjoys the pew, the more the coffee shop feels like home. 

Thank you, Mrs. Huddy.  We like it.




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One Response to “More Stories from Small Town In Movement”

  1. wow, will be there asap……. needing a “non-starb” coffee place and specially
    good if it is yours Anni!!!!
    maybe one of this days we can put up a lilian de mello photoart show on some
    of your walls???

    see you very soon, need a coffee in the red house!!!

    lilian (from “tutoring with Francesco” a few years ago…)

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