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Learning to Sail the Sea of Life…by Adrienne McCurdy

  • Listed: April 19, 2011 6:49 pm
Learning to Sail the Sea of Life...by Adrienne McCurdy  - Image 1Learning to Sail the Sea of Life...by Adrienne McCurdy  - Image 2Learning to Sail the Sea of Life...by Adrienne McCurdy  - Image 3


Time to celebrate!!

I received a scholarship to study in Sweden from The Natural Step Canada!!! Woo-hooo!!! It seems like the sailing metaphor is alive for so many people right now, so i decided to share the opening and closing of my scholarship application. (Thank you Terra for the inspiration!)

I set sail for the mainland then Europe on May 6th. I look forward to celebrating our remaining time together here on Mama Kaua’i!!

Addy 🙂

“We need to learn to set our course by the stars,
not by the light of every passing ship.”
Omar N. Bradley

At the age of seven, I chose to spend half my summer researching recycling in order to write and illustrate a children’s storybook. While this clever little book has long since been buried in a box of childhood memories, its significance has continued to shine as a guiding light throughout my life. When existential fog rolls into the harbour of my mind, threatening to cloud my sense of direction, the memory of my dedication to communicate a message of hope stands as a directional marker in my night’s sky. It reassures me that even though I voyage in directions unknown to my peers, I will always end up exactly where I belong.

Throughout the years, my inner compass has set a course guided in the direction of becoming an agent of change. Just as my past experiences in sustainability, business, communications and psychology have equipped me to set sail for the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH): Completing the Master’s programme in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) will ready my ship for the open sea.

It is my desire that in reading this letter, you will know my commitment to sustainability is the very same as my commitment to myself: Long ago I set my course to be a messenger of hope in a time of confusion. I chose to sail the seas of change towards a more balanced world. Yet each day brings with it a different wind, and all any of us can do is show up and raise our sails. Some days the air is still and it is time to let go and relax, basking in the brilliance of the sun’s rays. Other days the wind is strong and moves us forward at an exhilarating speed. The same is true for our efforts in this great time of change. On this journey towards a more harmonious future, we are facing many challenges and it is essential to remember that all any of us can do is to show up and raise our sails.

“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty. Today is such a day.”

Sail Away

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One Response to “Learning to Sail the Sea of Life…by Adrienne McCurdy”

  1. Adrienne,

    I want to respond to your beautiful farewell. I knew when we had our long walk and talk on Hanalei beach that day that you are a very clear beacon of light and intelligence. I knew that you were on Kauai for a very brief sojourn. Your intelligence is beyond your age and it is very alluring so you will go out into the world in a very vibrant way. You are going to make your mark in the world through your astute vision and your dedication to humanity’s exploration into a new way of living. You are a natural leader as you have known who you are since your very young toddler age. Your time on Kauai was instrumental to your future in your new academic setting. You will be traveling on so we may all be the recipients of your endeavor to bring on to the earth a whole new model. You will be one of many in your field to provide us with the Future Template. Thank you for your art and photography as an imprint of your intent and vision of our world. I do hope you start a blog so we may stay in correspondence with you as you carry on. Your friends are better served having your light, grace and love presence in their lives. Carry the light of your Kauai family in your heart and be steadfast as you will achieve all and more than you know.

    To you who are so deserving, my best always,

    Christina Fisher
    Oma Ola Oma

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