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Knowing Not Knowing by Lisa Raphael

  • Listed: April 5, 2011 8:55 pm


Who am I – Lisa – at Fifty Five

“Who am I..Lisa..at Fifty-Five
Trusting the God-dance that brought me here
Open and flowing with al that is going
Embracing the wisdom of knowing not knowing.”

Twenty years later, knowing not knowing is still a challenge

An ancient story about the origin of the little ‘v” on our upper lips sheds light on how come we  both know and don’t know the energy field of pure light that is the Creation. The legend goes that as we are being born, an angel comes to us and places a finger to our lips saying “You won’t remember any of this when you are born”…

That has been true for most or us. Yet as we learn to look inside and clear the effects of the conditioning that limits us, we DO remember, and CAN remember our soul’s origin and purpose. Today, thousands of children are incarnating with full remembrance of who they are and where they come from. The universal is cycle of accelerated expansion of consciousness is affecting all of us. Cosmically, we are right on time. But is that always the right time for the individual?

The Inner Healer Knows

Only the inner healer, encoded in our cellular memory knows the right time and way for information in our unconscious – including knowledge of our origin and soul mission – to become conscious. My belief is based both on personal and professional experience. As a child, I wrote a story about a blind girl forced to undergo and operation to make her see. In the story, she is so afraid of seeing that when the bandages come off she dies of fright. At the time, I had no idea that I was expressing my fear of remembering the horror of my early years as refugee.

Too much light or enlightening information at the wrong time may not be deadly, but it can certainly create havoc. We need to be prepared for the inner earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and nuclear explosions accompanying our cosmic re-birth.

As a counselor, I was called on to interpret the manifestations of the unconscious shared by my clients. As a transformational holistic healing consultant, I know NOT to counsel. I trust the clients’ own spiritual guidance, through cellular memory to reveal what they are ready to know and heal. My role is to facilitate access to the source of the unconscious cellular memory and to support its reprogramming at a cellular level.

Life is a gift . . .

“Life is a gift that gives endlessly of Itself, that receives and transforms all forms, energies and manifestations of Itself in the constant motion often referred to as Music of the Spheres. It is a dance between polarities, between heaven and hell, good and evil…. the All That Is giving of Itself in infinite love and compassion to all Its children, all expressions of Itself”
Princess From Maldek: A Visionary Exploration of the Fifth Realm

If so moved, please visit me at www.lisaraphael.com. Read my articles, download my books, make a donation or call (808) 346 5293 for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Raphael

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