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Dancing with Nature to Co-create

  • Listed: July 11, 2011 3:59 pm
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Dancing with Nature to Co-create

The essence of nature is the same essence in humans. We can experience a oneness within that feels blissful and helps us to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. We can experience a new sense of clarity and revitalization when we take time to tune in to the natural, living world around us. We are part of this magnificent creative universe and can feel a stronger sense of our own purpose if we spend a little time each day in nature.

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What can I do that helps me share my gifts with my community and the world?

What fills me with joy?

How will I share this?

These are questions I have asked myself and many of the answers came to me when I was alone in nature. When we are surrounded by concrete, artificial lights and looking out of boxes with glass windows, how can we feel ourselves in relation to the environment?

We can connect and feel our own divinity/essence/light and feel a much stronger and clearer sense of WHO WE REALLY ARE in a natural environment. Nature is healing, soothing, inspiring, revitalizing, alive, organic, rich, abundant, sacred, geometric, beautiful and filled with love.

The Language of the World

If we listen, we will hear the language of the world. Nature speaks to us and we speak to nature through feeling. It is this same sense/tool that we use to communicate with animals and birds and the unseen world (spirit and energy).

Yes, feeling is IT. Connecting to our feelings and heart allows us to communicate in  multiple ways to really hear and listen.

If we are in cities full of noise and technology with wireless waves floating around us, it can be more difficult to connect to the source of all that we are. The reflection of the environment (office, building etc) does not contain the same spark of life and divine light that nature does. The same divine light that is in every human being and animal.

The Energies of Different Countries

Each country has a different kind of natural environment which has enticed travelers and explorers for centuries in search of the natural wonders, Shambala, beauty and bliss. From the hot and dry, red, dusty earth of the Australian outback, to the wild, windy, wet and cold Scottish Highlands. The crisp, thin air of the Swiss Alps or the humid jungles and burning volcanoes of Hawaii; each natural environment holds a very different energy.

Imagine connecting to nature in these vastly different places and then using this natural energy to inspire your creativity to connect to your own authentic self; your truth, your soul, your passion and your PURPOSE. In each place we travel to and visit, we can connect to the nature in that country and be inspired by its unique energy.

These words: Authentic Self, Truth, Passion, Essence, Divine Light, Joy, Soul and  Purpose, all relate to the same sense of inner fulfillment we feel when we are connected to the natural source and to the Whole. It is the Oneness of the universe, the connectivity of all things. In this Oneness we can fall in love with ourselves and all of existence.

With this understanding we can say that we are Co-Creators with nature. We dance with nature and the elements and express in the ways that feel most natural and fulfilling to each one of us.

Deepening Our Connection with Nature

Deepening our connection with nature and the natural world is one of the first steps to take that can help each person find their unique PURPOSE in the world. Inspiration can emerge to then offer their GREATEST GIFTS to make a difference and SHINE. Feeling our authentic selves also allows us to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with each other.

From this place we can begin to express creatively and spontaneously. We are guided by our intuition in harmony with nature and move with the rhythms of the natural world.

There are limitless opportunities in the universe. There are no boundaries other than those we give ourselves. So let’s release, open and free ourselves in creative joy with each other and dance with nature as the magnificent Co-Creators that we are.

Jane Cormack © 2011

The poem ‘Urban Rose’ I wrote whilst living in London 2008/9 reflects the sentiments of this article:

Urban Rose 

Sweet scented rose, 

the pink one
that shared its
faint scent
three times;
I felt a Goddess
in its paper veins.

It connected
to that creative part in me
that forgets,
in these grey surroundings,
the sensation
a simple glint of color can ignite. 

A bed of velvet primulas
becomes illuminated
under night lamps,
a gift to me in urban landscape. 

I look,
eyes devouring shape, color, texture,
miniature nature bed
softening edges
I already feel hardening around me. 

Jane Alexandra Cormack © 2010


Jane communicates and expresses creatively through the media of writing poems, songs, articles, fiction, blog and radio. She is a visionary painter and a singer. She facilitates creative expression workshops for women that combine music, movement, color and word. Workshops incorporate using Heart Intelligence, sitting in heart circles, as well as breath, relaxation, healing, nature connection and a lot of fun.

Jane has a lot of online information which she hopes to gather together in one place very soon:

Personal website: http://www.janecormack.com/
Rhythm In Color Workshops: http://www.rhythmincolour.com
Blog: http://www.janealexandra.wordpress.com/

Online Store: http://www.janealexandracormack.etsy.com/

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One Response to “Dancing with Nature to Co-create”

  1. cindysearight on September 10, 2013 @ 9:56 pm

    Beautifully said. I would love to meet you. I am going off island on oct 1 continuing my shamanic training. What part of the island are you on

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