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Chutney Indian and Nepalese Cuisine

  • Listed: October 31, 2010 12:09 pm
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My name is Sambada Starcher, but I go by Sam.

I am the owner of Chutney’s, along with my chef; Bindeshor and Kakashapati (he is in Maui). I was born in Katmandu, Nepal. I came to America right after high school to San Diego, and got my Bachelor’s degree in International Business; marketing was my concentration. I lived in San Diego for about five years and then in Austin, Texas. I have been here on Kauai since January of 2010.

Kaua’i, with the friendliness of its people, the mountains and the lovely greenery everywhere, reminds me a bit of Katmandu; of course, with an elevation of over 4,500 feet, there is no ocean in Katmandu.

We (my sister, Mahima and I) came here originally for a vacation and we fell in love with Kauai; we knew we had to live here.

The Vision

Ever since I was in college I had a vision of opening an Indian restaurant and when we discovered there was no Indian restaurant here we decided to explore the possibility of bringing forth the dream into reality. Since this is a first for me, it has been a big adventure. Although I am new to this business, I have had some great coaching from my uncle, who has a restaurant in Colorado Springs and Maui.

We had looked at places in Maui and Honolulu for our restaurant, but we knew we had to settle here on this beautiful island. We were here for a month before we found this place. We fell in loved the openness and airiness of this location. Finally, at the end of February, we got the keys.

We opened our doors for business in June and have been very appreciative to the community for the warm reception and support that we have received. Although we utilize a general formula for our operation, we are open to suggestions to provide the most pleasing service to our customers.

Both of our chefs, Sugum and Anil, are from Nepal; Sugum went to school in abu dabhi; chef Anil went to school in Bombay, India. They are both very talented and, along with myself, my sister, and my other co-workers, Umesh, and Tricilla, we make a great team. We are fortunate to have such good people all working together.


The authenticity of the Indian and Nepali influences gives us a uniqueness that differentiates us from other restaurants on the island. Procuring our spices whole and grinding them right here provides a freshness and vitality to our food which excites the palate and opens people up to a new and exciting dimension of food enjoyment.

We are so indebted for our beautiful heritage; this is why we provide a special buffet for our customers on Tuesday night. It is a special night for Chutney’s because people can try our Nepalese food. When China invaded Tibet, a lot of Tibetans went to Nepal. So, we are including Tibetan food as part of our Nepali buffet menu as well.

Yet with all the spices and care with which food is prepared at Chutney’s we are well aware that without Love, nothing will ever work. We know that the love that is present in the person who is preparing the food is transmitted to the food itself, making it taste better while providing a very satisfying culinary adventure. I enjoy going from table to table making sure people are pleased while responding to any requests to enhance our patrons’ experience. I am so happy to have people enjoy the food here.

You will always find us very, very friendly. We combine really good service with good food and a very calm atmosphere. Our restaurant embodies high integrity, humility and reverence, all qualities inherent in the fabric of my home culture of Nepal.

In Service to Kaua’i

We are here to serve Kaua’i and its people. We strive to provide the very best establishment possible; we have a great foundation to work with. Through the centuries we have developed a very refined way of eating, utilizing a skillful blend of spices in our cooking to satisfy, not only the palate, but the heart and soul of the person who shares our food.

Our youth and enthusiasm combined with our willingness to learn and listen to the wise counsel of my uncle along with constructive criticism from the Kaua’i community provide for a vibrant and alive creation that will provide the best service to our patrons for a long time to come.

We are forever grateful to be part of a marriage which blends the loving Aloha of Kaua’i, with the depth, history and cultural diversity of Nepal.

Contact Information:

4-1387 Kuhio Highway
Downtown Kapaa
Mauka (across) from Java Kai & North of the ABC Store
Kapaa, HI, 96746
Call: (808) 821-2040

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One Response to “Chutney Indian and Nepalese Cuisine”

  1. David O'Quinn on May 7, 2011 @ 8:30 am

    Thank you for sharing your journey and vision

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