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Care of the Mind by Angeline Welk

  • Listed: June 2, 2011 11:22 pm


“…let the renewing of your minds transform you,…”
letters of Paul

The mind is sacred

It is a sanctuary in which your thoughts and ideas have their beginnings. Here, in this divine creation, you nurture those thoughts that are important to you. Giving life to them, you manifest them as your experience. These thoughts, when graced with love, take the form of beautiful, defined and colorful patterns that become the matrix of your evolving mental body.

Your mind is the receptacle for the Creator’s thoughts, divine communication with you. As the divine language enters your mind sanctuary, the neurons and cells of the anatomical mind light up for the thoughts of Deity are luminous.

When your mind is sensitized, a new awareness happens. The activation by the language of Light allows for an awakened understanding of practical and spiritual knowledge. The wisdom of the divine Word is perceived as a coded universal teaching, applicable through the eras of time.

You care for your mind when you choose to balance stillness with activity. In the environment of stillness, you give your mind the time and space to organize, assemble, and harmonize incoming knowledge. The mysterious intelligence of your mind unifies this knowledge, leading you to an enlightened understanding of your own thoughts, and the knowledge offered to you.

You are held responsible and accountable . . .

You are held responsible and accountable for taking care of your mind: to empty it of stressful thoughts and attitudes, to strengthen it through concentration and meditation, to appreciate it as an original gift. Be mindful of what you accept into your mind and where you take your mind. Let it hear the songs of nature. Let it hear your own kind voice. Let it hear your inner Teacher beckoning you to value your mind. Let your mind see the rainbow colors of the heavens. Let it know the warm greetings of the golden Sun. Let it see the art of nature and that which comes from the soul life of another. Let your mind house beautiful memories.

Your mind can be likened to a pyramid with many chambers of secrets and mysteries. In caring for your mind, secrets and mysteries of nature, stars and galaxies, constellations and your own archetypal design are revealed to you. Always remember the teaching of Paul:

“…let the renewing of your minds transform you,…”

©Angeline Welk


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One Response to “Care of the Mind by Angeline Welk”

  1. beautiful article!

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