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Being GOD:Tools of Creation

  • Listed: April 10, 2011 8:05 pm


Grateful for what I already have
Observing where I would like to see change
Desirous of a new reality

Grateful for what I already have…

They say a good place to start is where you are. No matter where you are, you can be grateful – for something. Gratitude is a powerful way to balance your energy, especially if all you are noticing is what you don’t want. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will raise your vibration on a daily, hourly or moment to moment basis, depending on how you practice. Look around you and find something that gives you pleasure. Observe it and observe how you feel. Find beauty in your environment. Create a list of things you love about your life. Being able to appreciate what you already have will create space for more to come.

Observing where I would like to see change…

This could be a list of all the areas where you are dissatisfied. Create the list without judgment or attachment. This is a space to come out of denial. Face all we have not yet faced and prepare to make friends. Not in a passive “I am friends with everyone” way. More in a recognizing “we are all One find the good in everything” way. This will allow you to be gentle and fierce. Focus your attention intentionally. Observe what you want without feelings of failure or self hate. You are here, Now and for a reason. Let’s move forward from here. Be Truly You. The world would be diminished if it lacked your magnificence. So Shine. Do not compromise the light you are. Be your brightest and let others bask in your glow. We are all One. We know this from research in science and investigation of Spirit. A Being that is compassionate and loving serves the world best by being Self Centered. When you allow yourself more greatness we all receive more. Your good is our good.

Desirous of a new reality …

We shall say Desirous instead of Wanting. Wanting is absent, lacking, without, or nonexistence. The definition of Wanting is Not Having and not know how it will ever come. Desirous is Having even just Having a desire for. Desirous is hoping, longing, ready, wishing, willing, hopeful, eager, aspiring, craving, yearning. Feel into Yearning. Yearning is hopeful for what you have yet to achieve. We are hopeful, eager and wishing a new reality. We are confident that we will achieve it. We are out of instant gratification. No, it may not be today. Though each day we take a step forward and build on the achievements of yesterday. Tomorrow holds infinite possibilities. Our job is not to be disappointed that it is not all here at once. Our job is to hold the vision. Know it is on its way. In the meantime, rework in the contrast as new aspects move towards us and unfold into the feeling of your true greatness. Allow. Receive. Desire.

Rebeka is a devoted student of Spirit and personal transformation. Rebeka began her own transformation in 2003 in a process that restored her visionand her health. On her own Hero’s Journey, Rebeka continues to share her experience with the community by providing consultations and information as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Minister/Spiritual Counselor. clients at The Golden Lotus on the garden island of Kauai. For more information, or to schedule a consultation contact her by email at FullyFreelyDeeply@yahoo.com or see more of her living food parenting explorations at http://www.bathwatercheesecake.wordpress.com/.

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