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Angel and the AlchemistA Day in a Life of the Angel and Alchemist

  • Listed: April 22, 2013 5:30 pm


Angel and the AlchemistA Day in a Life of the Angel and Alchemist
By: Tom Waters and Elan Vong

Are you a movie star? Are you a rock star couple? Common questions people ask us and we answer, “Close, just an underground angel healer and an alchemist.” Beyond that, we are just two Truth Seekers with a deep passion for service guided by love. How we found each other was not a coincidence. As a collective, many have voiced their interests in creating healing retreats and centers, but in reality how many are really doing it? A year ago, separately, we were on a mission; learning, evolving, and teaching others our unique healing journey. Now as a dynamic duo, our alchemical convergence has led us to finding the Three Treasures on the beautiful island of Kauai…

We realize that to be a successful healer requires a balance in the Three Treasures. Our philosophy is based on our lifestyle and goes as follows: a third of our lives healing self, a third of our lives healing others, and a third of our lives seeking truth and evolving. Let me share with you what a typical day is like for us.

While I patiently wait for Elan to get up so we can start our next adventure, I prepare the best coffee from New Guinea for her morning ritual. Only the best for her to drink-from the other direction that is. Takes only fifteen minutes with the implant-a-rama and then we are off. Green juice… check. Human strain probiotics… check. Tonics… check. My little hybrid Insight (a.k.a UFO) packed… check. By 11am, the healing for others begins. First appointment, a single mother with herpes for a decade comes over thrilled to get her sores zapped. Elan pulls out the Violet Ray Jedi Light Saber and with an intense focused glare, magically alleviates the pain and sends fifty thousand volts of electricity using the tesla coil technology to clear the sore like a magic eraser. The woman leaves and next comes a model and actor for his daily dose of light energy. Elan administers high doses of super charged oxygen known as Angel’s Breath and He leaves activated and lifted. Meanwhile, I am in the lab boiling twenty dozen Amish eggs for the preparation of oil of egg and burning herbs to make the 7 dailys with my 14 year old apprentice Ryan. Come 5pm, Elan whips up a gourmet delight… a raw dinner complete with herbs prepared in the ayurvedic tradition which balances the doshas. As a daily ritual, we pray over the food while we set intentions of gratitude and send chi into the meal.

For the last session of the day, Elan hosts a cat exorcism with crystal bowls and wands with the family. As bizarre as that sounds, the ceremony was beautifully executed with music, shamanic meditation, and martial arts. Finally at the end of day by 9pm, we make it to the finish line at a conscious event… a Santa Monica club for a performance by Elijah and the Band of Light. In between all the healing action, we are texting, emailing, and calling our partners, clients, and service providers for our alchemy conferences, healing retreats, and three companies. We wear many hats… a healing hat, business, hat, and lover hat. You think we were workaholics or healing junkies but really we are just living. As our part-time adopted dog Goat Bear would say, hold it down. Hold it down in a seriously fun way.

Our path is one of pure being, presence, awareness, connection to source, healing and above all truth, and integrity.. There is no separation between the flow of life and work. Work is what you perceive, and it can be a lot of fun! I am only living, not either working or playing. I LOVE my life. I tell myself that everyday and that is the only truth. Truth be told that the love frequency is the same as healing frequency. Let’s love and heal at the highest level possible. We welcome you to this special event for the Light workers, the light walkers, or those just being the light. Your presence with us at the launch of our Three Treasures retreat will truly support an epic gathering that the mother has been calling in…

Elan Vong &Tom Waters


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