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Should Cursive be Saved? (CNN online Responsibility Project)

  • Listed: July 28, 2012 5:07 pm


Should Cursive be Saved?
(CNN online Responsibility Project)

Angeline Welk’s response posted in the CNN comment section.

Thank you, CNN,  for the opportunity to share an in-depth look at handwriting that is rarely considered.

As a certified graduate of the International School of Handwriting and also as a person trained in alchemical writing, I invite your readers to reflect on the unknown elements of character-building that are an intrinsic, vital aspect of handwriting.

Let’s begin with the mutual understanding that life is about developing character qualities, tappng into and activating deeper layers of the mind, integrating the brain’s neurological network systems, drawing forth and advancing our talents, and learning to contribute to the well-being of the whole. All of these maturing values are potential accomplishments of harmonious handwriting.              

The alphabet letters, the integral life of holistic handwriting, represent universal wisdom and knowledge revealed to us in the unifying, rhythmic, and synergistic movements in cursive handwriting.

Character qualities, such as, consistency, concentration, cooperation, thoughtfulness, integrity, flexibility and dependability are a few of such attributes that are brought to life or strengthened through handwriting education.

Attitudes, emotional strengths, mental learning styles are all displayed in handwriting as the subconscious informs us of what is dictating the approach to our self-created lives.

What is also encouraging about handwriting is that we can change discordant patterns that potentially create difficult life situations, to new patterns that are desirable by evolving and refining our handwriting.

Yes, it is our responsibility to respect handwriting, to realize that supportive alphabet systems and character-building handwriting serve as the foundation wisdom for education and of an enlightened civilization.

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