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Healing Tools That Help People

  • Listed: May 1, 2012 11:00 pm


Healing Tools

I create healing tools that can help people.

These include two guided breath meditation CD’s , which have helped thousands of people relax and experience higher states of consciousness.

Flower Essences

They also include flower essences. I offer 100 different flower essences, along with 48 gem essences.

The healing effects of these essences can be divided into two major categories:

• essences for healing physical imbalances, and

• essences that dissolve specific energetic patterns or issues.

Support of Flower Essences

If you are interested in working on your body and auric energies, the gem essences and combination remedies are great tools. It is my recommendation that if you want to clear your entire body and energy fields, you proceed sequentially through the following programs: Chakra Balancing, Clearing and Spirit/Body Integration. This will allow you to balance your seven basic chakras, then clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies and finally integrate your light body into the physical realm.

If you are interested in dissolving specific subconscious patterns or conditions, I recommend that you start with the Preparation for Ascension program. These seven formulations of essences deal with the hard issues that must be cleared before higher levels are accessible. That program is to be followed by the Master Ascension Program, seven remedies to assist aligning with higher consciousness.

For more information and color pictures of all of the essences my book, Star Mana contains pictures of all of the flowers and gems used.


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